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Zhejiang OULU Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd. is now one of the leading manufacturers of security transmission equipment in China.Specialized in researching and manufacturing numerous micro duct connectors and pneumatic connectors.And supply fiber optic and pneumatic products too.

Since it established in 2003,  our products have passed ISO9001 quality management system authentication and National Double Soft authentication.



  • Our company

    Our company

  • Our Team

    Our Team

    Oulu have a specific R&D team and offer you the best service and technical support.

  • Excellent Production line

    Excellent Production line

    Oulu have a advanced production equipment and efficient production line.

  • About Logistics

    About Logistics

    Oulu have the best ways of logistics, serious management team, to assure the timeliness of Logistics.




What is a Cylinder

What is a Cylinder

The cylinder refers to the cylindrical metal part that guides the piston to reciprocate linearly in the cylinder. The thermal energy of the air is expanded into mechanical energy in the engine cylinder; the gas compressor cylinder is compressed by...
Solenoid valve main classification 1. In principle, solenoid valves can be divided into three categories: Direct Solenoid Valve: Principle: When energized, the electromagnetic coil generates electromagnetic force to lift the closing member from th...


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