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Zhejiang OULU Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd. is now one of the leading manufacturers of security transmission equipment in China.Specialized in researching and manufacturing numerous micro duct connectors and pneumatic connectors.And supply fiber optic and pneumatic products too.

Since it established in 2003,  our products have passed ISO9001 quality management system authentication and National Double Soft authentication.
















What Microduct Connectors Are Commonly Used In The ABFSystem?
Microduct connectors are essential components used in the Air-Blown Fiber (ABF) system to facilitate the seamless connection of microducts. The ABF system is a high-capacity optical fiber network that relies on the use of microducts to transport a...
How to choose a high-quality air-blown fiber optic cable microduct connector?
Choosing a high-quality air-blown fiber optic cable microduct connector is essential for ensuring optimal performance and reliability in fiber optic networks. The connector plays a critical role in the installation and maintenance of fiber optic c...


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